First Response Remediation

2 Liter Kit Includes:

Durable Carrying Case, Liquid Remediation Solution, Sprayer with Nozzle, & Laminated Information Sheet

SDS & Document Library 


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First Response Remediation Kit protects people, wildlife and ecosystems from toxic and life-threatening oil and fuel spills

The First Response Remediation Kit is the most tested and proven bioremediation product in the world. This product mimics Mother Nature and provides a safe, natural way to clean up a wide-range of toxic contaminants such as oil, gas and fuel.

› Quickly diminishes toxicity to humans, wildlife and ecosystems

› Prevents oil and fuel adherence to environmental substances

› Remediates many compounds see below for complete list

› Reduces fire hazards

Can be Used Anywhere:*

› Water: Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Brackish Water, Marshes

› Land: Sand, Soil, Concrete, Asphalt, Rocky Areas

› Indoor: Kitchens, Grease traps, Garage

Proven, Rapid & Effective

The chemistry in the First Response Remediation Kit has been used by refineries, fire departments and military in more than 40 countries for the last 25+ years. This product contains the enzymes, bio surfactants, nutrients and other necessary components for complete biodegradation. Rather than introducing foreign microorganisms, this remediation solution utilizes indigenous bacteria to biodegrade oils and fuels and has been proven to remediate an extensive list of hazardous materials. The spill is detoxified to the point that indigenous (natural) bacteria can now utilize the oil as a food source

Industries using this product: Law Enforcement and First Responders

What nature can remediate in 20+ years the First Response Remediation Kit can do in 7 days.

First Response Remediation Solution will bioremediate following contaminants:

Crude Oils Pesticides    Compounds

Crude Oils

› Alaskan North Slope Crude Oil
› Texas Sweet Crude Oil
› South African Crude Oil
› Bunker C Crude Oil
› Venezuelan Crude Oil
› Mexican Crude Oil
› Louisiana Crude Oil
› Kuwait and Saudi Arabian Crude Oil


› Malathion
› Organo Pesticides.


› Animal Grease

› Benzene
› Brake Fluid

› C18
› C30
› Chrysene
› Co Polymers

› Creosote
› Deicing Agent

› Dioxins
› Ethyl Benzene

› Ethylene Glycol (Radiator Fluid)

› Fluorene
› Furans
› Gun Powder
› Hexadecane
› Hopane
› Hydraulic Oil
› Kerosene
› Motor Oils
› Naphthalene
› No.2 & No.6 Heating Oil › PCBs (Poly Chlorinated Biphenols)

› Perchloralethylene (Dry Cleaning Fluids)

› Phenanthrene
› Phytane
› Power Steering Fluid › Pristane
› Tert Butyl Ether
› Toluene
› Vegetable Grease › Zylene

*The listing of a product on the NCP Schedule does not mean that EPA approves, recommends, licenses, certifies, or authorizes the use of the product on an oil discharge. The listing means only that data have been submitted to EPA as required by Subpart J of the national Contingency Plan, Section 300.915. (Source: 40 CFR § 300.920 (e)) There is an established process that manufacturers must follow to have a product  listed on the NCP Product Schedule