Pantheon’s Purpose:

Pantheon's purpose is to innovate responsibly through Conscious Chemistry™ to sustain better life for people and our planet.

We know that we have a choice when we innovate new chemical formulas and products; and we choose to innovate responsibly through Conscious Chemistry™.

Pantheon-Chemists Pantheon Enterprises is a chemical manufacturer based in Phoenix, Arizona founded over a decade ago with the mission to innovate and develop high performance, cost-effective and environmentally-safe products for a variety of industries. Today, Pantheon products are used by governments, commercial enterprises and consumers who share our desire to promote human health and safety, protect ecosystems and environments, and improve working conditions.

Our motto is: “We can do better.” We’re dedicated to shattering the myth that “safe” technologies are more expensive, less effective and harder to implement. Our cost-effective products provide superior results while improving human health and safety and reducing the toxic waste polluting our air, soil, and water supplies.

“We want to create public awareness of this gigantic uncontrolled experiment we’re conducting on Earth, where we spew out tens of thousands of new molecules every year, with not enough regard to toxicology. We just continue to hope that this huge pool of chemistry we’re concocting is not going to harm us, and that’s got to change,” says co-founder and CEO, Laura Roberts.

Team-DiscussionThe data is clear: while science and technology have added great value to our collective well-being, many of the chemicals that have been created over the last few centuries have had unintended negative consequences, causing significant harm to humans and ecosystems. Pantheon has chosen to be a catalyst for positive transformational change in the chemical industry by creating chemical formulas, products, and solutions to sustain better life. In addition, we strive to build strong partnerships and alliances with those who share our commitment to changing the industry for the better.

Pantheon’s diverse product line includes metalworking fluids, surface pre-treatments, all-purpose and specialty cleaners, disinfectants, deodorizers, and agricultural preservation and protection products.

Lab---pouring-liquidPantheon designs and creates all formulas and products through Conscious Chemistry™, a set of rigorous standards developed to ensure chemical formulations are both safe and effective. We won’t accept trade-offs between quality and toxicity. We provide our stakeholders with complete confidence that they are getting a high-performance product, great value, and peace of mind from knowing the product they’re purchasing is superior on every front.