Weapon Care

The Pantheon Premium Military Grade Gun Cleaning System contains effective tools for the military, law enforcement and other professional weapon experts that aid in mission readiness, combat operations and support pollution prevention initiatives. This revolutionary gun cleaning system was developed for use on all rifles, handguns, shotguns, machine guns, grenade launchers, mortars, crew served weaponry and more. Pantheon Premium products are commercially transportable worldwide and reduces maintenance time by up to 90%.


Pantheon Premium Gun Cleaner

For Deep Cleaning & Corrosion Removal
*  Significantly cuts cleaning time
*  Improves accuracy and reliability
*  Removes carbon, lead and most copper fouling
*  Available in a Bore Gel
*  Destroys carbon, lead, and most coper fouling
*  Cuts cleaning time by up to 90%
*  Bore conditioning proven to increase accuracy

National Stock Number Information
2 oz Item# 070-1015PGC NSN#6850016003233 
4 oz Item# 070-1002PGC NSN# 6850016003251

Pantheon Premium Gun Oil CLPX

This Biobased Cleaner Lubricant Protectant (CLPX) Formula provides field cleaning with superior lubrication and protection for advanced military & law enforcement weaponry
*  Replaces all gun oils, CLPs and dry lubes
*  For semi-, full-automatic and crew served weaponry
*  More advanced than Teflon or Moly, created with thin coat technology
*  Rated at -60 - +426 * F, it has been tested against MIL-PFR-63460E
*  Superior protection against wear, humidity, moisture including salt water
*  Leave a long-lasting film that repeals dirt/dust and will not evaporate

National Stock Number Information
2 oz Item# 070-1452PGC NSN#9150016014319 
4 oz Item# 070-1453PGC NSN#9150016014396

Pantheon Premium Copper Remover

This elixir eliminates high velocity copper fouling over 3000 F.P.S. without the use of ammonia or other toxic chemicals.
*  6x Faster than ammonia alternatives
*  Improves accuracy and reliability
*  Safe on Bore Steel
*  No Ammonia

National Stock Number Information
2 oz Item# 070-1150PGC NSN#6850016003253