ST-1 Surface Treatment & Adhesion Promotion 

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The ST-1 non-chrome surface pretreatment works on a variety of surfaces to improve paint adhesion and flexibility, while providing advanced corrosion protection. By eliminating the need for chromate conversion coatings, acid etches, solvent washes and other toxic processes, this pretreatment can reduce paint preparation time and costs by up to 40 percent, yielding results far superior to those achieved from other hazardous processes and products.

ST-1 can be used on a wide range of surfaces including aluminum, magnesium, cadmium, steel and composite materials. Consistent, high-performance results are achieved when using ST-1 with a variety of paints, primers, dry film lubricants and other coatings.

This break-through product lets you replace harmful processes and chemicals with one simple and effective product that drastically improves health and safety, simplifies the pretreatment process, saves money, helps your paint stick to the surface and yields superior results.

ST-1 Benefits

• Hexavalent chromium-free, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, odor-free, biodegradable
• Replaces at least four chemicals used with other processes
• Decreases material, labor and hazardous handling costs
• Easy, safe process
• Quantified superior results
• Reduces hazardous waste
• Results in a high-performing surface finish
• No short or long term health risks

Industries using this product:
Automotive, Marines, Manufacturing, Construction

Increased Adhesion

ST-1 chemically increases the surface energy creating better coating performance and adherence.  

Corrosion Protection

ST-1 creates a stronger bond between the coating and substrate reducing adhesion failures and corrosion.

Multiple Substrates

ST-1 works on nearly any surface making pre-treatment a breeze and ensuring a uniform finish all around.

Large Surfaces

No problem! The ease of application will save time and money while easily integrating into the current process.

Safe & Effective On:

⋅ Aluminum

⋅ Anodized

⋅ Composite

⋅ Fiberglass

⋅ Galvanized

⋅ Magnesium

⋅ Plastic

⋅ Steel

⋅ Titanium

⋅ Wood

⋅ Metals