Conscious Business

Pantheon Enterprises embraces the principles of Conscious Capitalism, a global movement dedicated to elevating humanity through business. We pursue our higher purpose: To Sustain Better Life through Conscious Chemistry.

Pantheon Commitments

Pantheon Enterprises is dedicated to replacing widely-used, hazardous products and processes with high-performance products and efficient processes that are safe and commercially competitive. Our commitments guide our actions as we pursue our mission—to transform the way chemical companies do business—and our purpose—to sustain better life. These commitments form the foundation of a Conscious Culture that shapes us as professionals and informs the way we work.

Awareness in Action

We commit to functioning with awareness and to living up to our highest aspirations.

Life is About Learning

We commit to being an excellent student, rather than presuming to be an expert, and we commit to learning, growth and development for ourselves, our colleagues and all of us as a team.


We commit to regularly acknowledging and celebrating individual and collective success.

Healthy Communications

We commit to communicating authentically and listening generously, with the right people at the right time.

Courage, Perseverance and Accountability Reign Supreme

We commit to getting the job done and owning our results.


We commit to pursuing the purpose of Pantheon Enterprises—to sustain better life—and to creating value for and with all of our stakeholders.